Product design
Credit Broker "Vsegda Da"
Project overview
Product designer
To design an MVP for the credit broker.
Sketch, Figma
Vsegda Da is a credit broker, that aggregates loan offers from various banks. The company had a tool designed for processing applications by bank employees. It looked outdated, the interface was not user-friendly. At the time of the appearance of the task, the mechanics of the service has also changed. New features and product branches were supposed to be added.

The structure of the company and product branches
The goal
To design a credit broker MVP. At this stage we needed to make software for «Offline branch», working in browser on desktop and mobile.
The Customers
Stakeholders were very familiar with the type of сustomers. So we draw a portrait of user and fill it during our work.
User Flow and Bank-counter
The application and its stages seem simple and clear: filling out the basket, filling out the application, receiving offers from banks and signing the contract.
However, the hardwired logic is more complex. The counter can suggest Bank1, Bank2 and Bank3 for registration until their sales reach the certain amount. Only after that the system will start showing Bank4, Bank5... And all these banks have requried and non-required fields, that doesn't match to each other.
One of our goals was to minimise the count of required fields to make the process easier and faster. So, we match the main fields for all banks and build the first application step consist of 11 fields.
At the first stage, we assembled 2 versions of the prototype (for POS credits) and showed them to users. It wasn't the UX test, but the discussion in group. Not so effective as may be, but at that time we got a lot of useful information.
What we realised
  • Users don't need information about their bonuses on the screen, because the clients are often sit with them;
  • One application for all banks would help to work faster and make more money;
  • They want to have a calculator for pre-calculation for different banks, cause they don't want to waste time for filling out an application;
  • They were very inspired by competitors tool based on tablet with automatic filling data from passport photo. This decision is very useful for small receipts. Unfortunately, our business base wasn't ready for this solution, but we took it into account.
Style and design system
The layout and style were laid down for several directions of product and the future design system. Two fonts were chosen for the service:
  • Montserrat for Headlines
  • IBM Plex Sans for text blocks
It was one of my fist works on the digital product. I was not very familiar with UX-research, but we demonstrated the prototype to the group of users, which gave us important insights. If it was now, I would dive deeper into the user experience: I would conduct a few pre-prototyping interviews and a few UX-tests with the prototype.
We spent a lot of time trying to match all banks requirements and the counter. The tasks were often unclear.

I now believe that a clear understanding of the tools and design steps, and a visual presentation of these results to the team, could help the overall understanding and save time.
This product branch was pre-launched in 6 months and launched finally in 8 month. In a year it has about 77 000 partner stores made them a revenue – 1.1 billion rubles [1].
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