Hi there, I'm Anna
I'm a product designer based in Montenegro
My design journey began in 2006. I started my career in web design in a small studio doing not only website design, but also logos, graphic design and print materials. It was informative and interesting.

For the last 5 years I have been designing digital products. Working with complex interfaces, I realized that this is really my passion. I like to collect data and update requirements, design information architecture, build the logic of user interaction with the interface, think through the user journey providing empathy, and then implement it in a pleasant UI.
It's really interesting and enjoyable and the tasks are never repeated. Besides, my favorite hobby is trying and learning new things.
What I like to do:
  • I use Agile principles for work tasks and self-development.
  • Contemplate natural landscapes
  • Drawing (I'm not a professional illustrator. But from time to time I can add an illustration to my design)
  • I work as an expert at online-school and mentor other designers
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